Wine and gastronomy

Wine and gastronomy
Our intention is to make light, aromatic, fruity dry wines of the traditional grape varieties of the region which contribute to a good atmosphere but are far more than that: they serve as proper companions of our programmes, inspire our guests to think together and open their heart.

Rajnai rizling (Rhineriesling)
A dry, masculine white wine with fine acids. Due to being fermented in containers, it preserves complex and fruity flavours of the grape. 

An exciting and unique wine made of a grape variety created with the crossing of Kövidinka (Fleischtraube) and Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris). As a mature wine with a marked body, it represents a special trend in KultPince's scale of wines. It has a gastromony-related role; in addition, we intend to use it as a wine to spark thoughts and discussions.

Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch) 
A traditional grape variety of the Carpathian Basin and the basis of our cellar's red wine. Being fermented in small wooden barrels, this wine offers the harmony of fruity tastes and the buttery and vanilla-like flavours of the oak.

On our events and wine evenings, we offer meals that are in harmony with the nature of the event and with the wines, from simple one-course dishes to special meals.

Please ask for our individual offer.

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