Special hiking trails

Hiking in the Solar System – off-road cycling

On this trail, hikers may sense the huge distances in the Solar System and, at the same time, to get to know the attractions of settlements along the trail. The trail runs along the Southwest part of Gödöllő Hills. The centre of the Solar System, the Sun (diam.:1,400,000 kilometres) is represented by the dome (diam.: 4 metres) of the planetarium in Sülysáp.

The planets are located on the settlements of the Leader community in scale sizes and distances. The trail runs through Strázsahegy. Out of the planets (represented in a 1:1,000,000 scale), the planet farthest from the Sun (Neptun) is in Monor, in the yard of KultPince. The diameter of the representation of the planet is 14 cm and is situated 12.8 km from the centre of the Solar System.
We hope that hikers of the Solar System will find time to visit our cellar!

Details and map of the hiking trail

Thousand Cellars Trail of Vitiology and Oenology

On the Thousand Cellars Trail, inaugurated in 2009, guests may have an insight into the basics of Hungarian vitiology and oenology, the characteristic wine grapes of Hungary, and the natural and man-made values of the Monor Wine Cellar Village. A light walk accompanied with wine tasting is a complex experience.
Details and pictures of the trail

Hiking trail running through Strázsahegy

A trail marked with "+" runs through Monor. It starts from Péteri Lake, runs through the Strázsahegy wine cellar village and then through Tetepuszta, to end at the green trail at Felsőfarkasd.
Those who does not start hiking from the direction of the yellow trail marks, should follow the mark "■" starting at the Monor railway station. The trail runs through the bus station on the main square and then goes to Szent Orbán square, the gate to Strázsahegy. From that point, hikers may follow the "+" mark to Felsőfarkasd.
map of the trail