Places of touristic interest

Places of touristic interest
Monor's greatest touristic attraction is the wine cellar village on Strázsahegy. The village has about 1,000 wine cellars and wine press houses. The Thousand Cellars" trail of vitiology and oenology runs there; in addition, the village offers many events related to wine or to the village itself: Orbán Day Festival (Orbán-napi Vigadalom), Weekend of Wine Regions (Borvidékek Hétvégéje), Festival of Strázsahegy Wine Cellars (Strázsahegyi Pincék Fesztiválja), Harvest Festival (Szüreti Sokadalom), Márton Day Festival of New Wine (Márton-napi Újbor Ünnep) and Wine Lovers' Journey in Snowfrost (Kalandozások jégvirágtól-borvirágig).

On Szent Orbán square, the gate of the wine cellar village, a one-meter high walnut wood statue of Saint Orban (patron of grape producers) was inaugurated in May 1993. The lookout tower offers a nice view of the wine cellar village, Monor, several nearby villages and the Buda hill region.
On the Thousand Cellars trail – inaugurated in 2009 – guests may have an insight into the basics of Hungarian vitiology and oenology, the characteristic wine grapes of Hungary, and the natural and man-made values of the Monor Wine Cellar Village. A light walk accompanied with wine tasting is a complex experience.

The public buildings of the town – major elements of the townscape – were mainly built in the early 20th century:
the Court, the Event Hall and the buildings between them. The renovated Főtér square in the centre, with its fountains and Petőfi Street – turned into a pedestrian zone some years ago –, with its restaurant, cafés, pubs and shops are nice meeting points.
Monor has relatively few monuments. Monuments protected at the national and local level include churches, the Event Hall, the Town Hall and the Court. The Reformed main church has existed in its present form since 1882; the Catholic church was constructed in 1806; the Evangelical church of Hungarian style was finished in 1939.

The Spring and its surroundings of approximately 15 hectares (Gera garden and the town's central and public parks) are protected natural areas.
The forests and fields around the town are fine places for hikers. The town's variegated sports facilities include a six-hole golf course that meets international standards. The town's swimming pool has – besides regular pools – pools for swimming training, a 10-person sauna, a massage room and a solarium.

Guests may choose from three accommodation facilities in the town (a hotel, an inn and a bed-and-breakfast).
Monor has the largest thatched inn in Central Europe: Nyerges Hotal has 32 rooms for 82 persons, an restaurant and a thermal spa section. Those interested may also try horse riding. Nádasd Park (Nádasd Pihenőpark), situated between Vasad and Monor has an inn, a restaurant, a fish pond and an adventure park.
Monor has several catering facilities (restaurants and sweet-shops) which mainly serve local customers with high-quality products for low prices.

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