Pig killing feasts

Pig killings are popular winter events in the Hungarian countryside. If you would like to take part in one or would just be pleased to taste the fresh home-made pork foods prepared at the feast, perhaps accompanied with a sample of wines, visit us!

Here is the programme we offer:
• Pig killing and processing in the yard of KultPince Wine Cellar, lead by our chef and a professional slaughter man. If interested, you may take an active role in cutting-up the pig, burning its hair off and cleaning it as well as in the preparation of sausage and pudding.
Programmes offered to fill the time until the pig lunch/dinner is ready: wine sampling/cellar visit or a wine tour to other cellars of the Monor Cellar Village.
(Nearby accommodation and transport is provided on request.) The programme is available for groups of a minimum of 15 persons.

• If you do not wish to follow the pig's way from the sty to the table, this is what we offer: wine sampling and pig lunch/dinner (pork soup, home-made pork pudding and sausage, roast meat of filled cabbage, home-made strudels).

Get your custom offer contacting us at kultpince@kultpince.hu

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