Our team

György Kugel, founder and owner

“My family have had a grape vineyard ever since I was a child. I remember all the hard work and that may father loved to work with grape and wine so much. I heard stories of how my grandfather walked up to his vineyard in the brick factory vineyard area to talk and drink a little wine with his friends every week. Later, when I wanted to show something unique and characteristic of Hungary to my colleagues at B&K Kft, I took them to Strázsahegy to taste local wine and home-made food. They were enchanted with the experience and so was I. Besides being a location of wine production and storage, the cellar village is an iconinc place where families and friends go to enjoy company and good wines, and to cook together and have a good time. Then I created by family wine cellar and planted grape. Some years later I had the opportunity to purchase the one-time Kele cellar which – after full-scale renovation and extension – became KultPince, the place where culture and wine meet.”

Boglárka Bakos, manager
As a holder of a degree in catering & hotel management and MBA, and being a certified management consultant, she participated in creating tourism development programmes and planning tourism-related projects (spas, accommodation facilities, holiday resorts, etc.) for more than 10 years. 
Naturally, she gathered some more practical – or, rather down-to-earth ¬– skills and experience as well when, at the very beginning of her career she trained herself (and sometimes the guests) in the framework of practical trainingships in Budapest, Germany and the United States. She had the opportunity to gather a lot of practical information on the operation and management of tourist attractions. For her, the operation of KultPince means a transition from a long period of planning to implementation – which is certainly a proper order of things.

János Dunai viniculturist, oenologist
He decidedcided to leave the artificial climate of sound studios for the natural wine cellar climate. As a teenager, he wanted to become a musician and then, as a lover of sounds, he decided to become a sound engineer. He worked for several television and radio programmes in this position for more than 20 years. Year 2000 brought a radical change in his field of interest: he got acquainted with wine gastronomy, which – so to say – predestined him to become an expert of viticulture and wine production. He participated in sommelier courses, obtained a BSc degree at the Department of Oenology of the Faculty of Food Science of Corvinus University and then obtained the qualification “Engineer of Viticulture and Oenology”. Since then – in the possession of theoretical knowledge – he has been active as a professional, being ready to face challenges not only as the owner a family grape vineyard in Ábrahámhegy, Badacsony (a’Capella vineyard) but also in Monor, as the oenologist of KultPince. 

Gabor Szurok, chef
Unlike János, Gábor decided at a very young age to become a chef. His decision was not motivated simply by the pleasant warm atmosphere and appetizing smells of kitchens. For many years, he worked in Monor, so he is a well-known person in our community. He contributed to the evolution of the group of regular guests of Nikolett Panzió and his fine expertise as a chef enhanced the success of the major events organised in Vigadó.
These days, if you want to enjoy Gábor’s food in Monor regularly, you must come to KultPince. On our wine dinners or other events you can enjoy the harmonic taste of food produced by him, be it a simple one-course dish or a special meal that challenges your taste buds.